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Rebate saw-plane

I’ve wanted to make one of these since I saw Tom Fidgen’s version of the tool. While making the plane body and the saw blade presented no particular challenges, the fence was problematic. My original intent was to use wooden … Continue reading

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Roubo frame saw hardware now available for sale

I have made blades for Roubo frame saws* for over a year, and to my mild surprise, they have proven to be a popular item. A surprise, but a pleasant one to be sure, as it is heartening to know there are … Continue reading

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Frame saw build along – hardware design

The hardware for this saw has three functions. It must hold the blade in tension, accommodate blade rotation (when desired), and hold a turned handle. Of these, the first and last are nearly trivial. The second, to allow rotation, yet … Continue reading

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Frame saw build along – wood selection and design

I have wanted to build a frame saw for years. I have no pressing need for one, and don’t know if I will use it regularly, but have always admired the graceful forms that some of these saws take on. … Continue reading

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The lamb’s tongue on my saw back

One of the most frequent questions about my saws is why I use a lamb’s tongue on the end of some backs. While I have tried to come up with a credible story that involves swashbuckling pirates on the Spanish … Continue reading

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I just cant stop myself: yet more discussion of hang

Because I am fully cognizant that these musings betray an obsessiveness that may not be healthy, it is with some trepidation that I post these final thoughts on hang angles. For those who weary of the topic, take comfort in … Continue reading

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Further discussion of hang angles

I recently wrote a short entry on saw handle hang angles in which I alluded to providing a more technical analysis of the topic. After a few late nights, that analysis is ready to present in this post. This will … Continue reading

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Concerning hang angles and saw handles

This is a long and semi-technical post; thankfully, if that sort of thing bores you, the author has included a brief summary at the end, which he offers up as an escape from the tedium of reading through most of … Continue reading

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