Christmas orders

2017 has been an interesting year here. A significant uptick in orders, along with several family matters, has had me scrambling to keep up with orders. To all of you who patiently waited for me to ship your order, I send a hearty and well-deserved thanks.

Looking at my current order backlog, any order placed after tomorrow (November 8th) that includes saw parts may not ship out until after Christmas. Orders comprised solely of drill bits, saw files, and books or DVDs will still ship within several days.

I apologize for the short notice; if this leaves you in a bind as you shop for Christmas, send me a nice email and I will do what I can to expedite your order.

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4 Responses to Christmas orders

  1. Steve Sousa says:

    Don’t worry. Things happen. Do the best you can. Looking forward to a great project whenever it arrives!!

  2. Joe says:

    I have been interested in getting a complete rebate saw. I noticed you sell the kits. Do you also sell the completed rebate saw as well? Many thanks.

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