PATINA Auction 2014 (Saturday, March 15)

The annual PATINA auction is one of the largest and best old tool events around, and for the second consecutive year, the saw elves and I will make the short trek to set up and sell some of our tools.

I am the least of the attractions, however.

If the weather cooperates, tailgating starts at 0-dark-thirty (seriously, it starts well before any sane person is up), and continues into the early afternoon. There are dozens of sellers set up, and many bargains to be found. Do make sure to bring a flashlight, though, or you may never find them.

Early entry into the hall begins at eight (for a $15 fee), and opens to all at nine (no charge). Inside are scores of dealers and sellers, with tools ranging from affordable users to the rare and collectible.

Finally, the auction begins at 2 pm, and goes until all 291 lots have been sold.

And if you need any further incentive, the elves have been hard at work baking cookies. They will have their shop set up during tailgating and inside the hall, with some of the best homemade cookies and hot chocolate around.



Saturday, 15 March

10211 Lewis Drive, Damascus, MD 20872

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6 Responses to PATINA Auction 2014 (Saturday, March 15)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Tell, the elves I like oatmeal cookies!! I’ll see you there.

  2. admin says:

    I was hoping you’d make it again this year. Oatmeal raisin cookies are on the menu (they’re one of my favorites).

    • Jonathan says:

      My annual pilgrimage to see family and hunt rust. Hope the weather inst colder than here! Any chance the elves have an espresso machine? Good coffee is so hard to find in your neck of the woods!

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