Saw sharpening notes

As I have previously mentioned in this space, I am teaching saw sharpening at a Lie-Nielsen workshop in June. As part of my preparation for doing so, I have put together a few pages of notes on how I sharpen saws. While it’s not a comprehensive guide, I do think there is some good information in there, so am posting it here as a reference for those who are not able to attend. While I still harbor hopes of putting together a more complete and detailed tome on the topic when I have more free time, this must suffice for now.

Saw Sharpening Basics

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4 Responses to Saw sharpening notes

  1. Roccaways says:

    Wow, this is really nice. The figures look great. I’ve just scanned through it and I have seen a lot of this information posted as various bits in places online but nice to see them all together. The figures are really clear and understood. Thanks for sharing!

    • Isaac says:

      Thanks, happy to hear that it’s helpful. I’d love to flesh it out a bit in the future, but am hoping that this is at least enough to get people started on sharpening.

  2. Kingsley Sumner says:

    Good grief, Isaac! This is a fantastic compendium of absolutely essential hand saw sharpening information … and lucidly presented. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend what I am certain will be your excellent two day presentation at Lie-Nielsen Tool Works workshop in June. This personal interaction by you with your students will give those in attendance a wonderful hands-on opportunity to see a master at work and, just as importantly, a chance to develop their own style of handsaw sharpening.
    Best of luck and again thanks for your time and effort.

    K. S.

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