- Saw Bolts & Split Nuts -

Blackburn Tools split nut saw bolts

We would call attention to several features that make these the best saw nuts on the market today:

The nuts and bolts are available in 7/16", 1/2", and 9/16" diameters. Blank medallions are 3/4" diameter, and are available with flush or sunken faces. These can be hand graved or laser engraved by most trophy stores with your initials or design of your own creation.

The length of the bolt is 1.025 inches, and will fit handles as thin as 13/16". Bolts for thinner or thicker handles can be made at no additional cost.

The split nut slot is 0.032 inches wide. If you do not have, and do not wish to make your own driver, I strongly recommend purchasing a saw nut spanner.

Saw nuts and bolts are available in brass and bronze. Bronze is physically and visually similar to brass, but has just a tinge of pink or red in it. In my opinion, it also ages much more gracefully. If you want a strict traditional look, you will prefer the brass hardware.

If you need custom bolts for a new saw or to replace missing or damage ones on an existing saw, please contact me for a quote.

Installation notes: Each bolt/nut set is sent out with two lock washers. One of these goes under the head of the bolt, whilst the second is held in reserve, to be pressed into service when the first falls into the sawdust pile. Alternatively, it can be stacked on top of the other to bring the head of a bolt flush to the surface of the handle if its counterbore is drilled too deep.

Close examination of the washers will show that the teeth are sharper on one side than the other. The washers should be installed with the sharper side against the metal, as it will more effectively bite into the metal.

Resources: Making your own saw, while a very rewarding project, can be daunting. While there is no substitute for actually making one, many of us are not inclined to jump right into things. These resources will help you get started on your saw.

Other saw parts: If you need other parts for your saw, I sell truncated cone saw bolts, toothed backsaw blades, and slotted saw backs. Or buy a slotted back saw kit and save a few dollars.

Made in the USA.

Split nut saw bolts Medallions Split nut saw bolt - side view