Saw Handle Templates

Whether you are making a new saw from scratch or rehandling an existing one, the handle is one of the most important parts. The handle is your connection to the work, and its comfort, geometry (and even aesthetics) play a vital role in your sawing experience.

Covering the full range of backsaws, and With handles sized to fit nearly any hand, this will be the most comprehensve library of handle templates available. These are the same templates I use for my saws, but can be easily modified to fit your needs.

Each template includes a scale for reference. To ensure accuracy, please verify that the pdf printed out at the correct scale. The templates need to be printed at actual size; how you do this will vary with your printer and pdf viewer, but usually involves something along the lines of selecting "Actual size" or deselecting "Fit to page".

Saw nuts and bolts are can be purchased here; blades and slotted spines are coming soon.

These templates are for personal use only. Any commercial use or redistribution is prohibited. You are welcome to share them with others, but please do so by linking back to this page.

If you make a handle using one of these patterns, and would like to share it with others, email pictures to [email protected] for inclusion in the reader's photo gallery.

9 inch dovetail saw with open handle

This handle is based on a ca. 1840 Thomas Tyzack (an English maker) backsaw. The blade is 9" long, and tapers from a 1 5/16" depth of cut at the toe to 1 1/2" at the heel.