Rose Tools Scanned Catalog Archives

Rose Tools put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into scanning the catalogs amassed here. While the website hosting this resource has been taken down, Rose Tools has given permission to host them here. Donna Rose Allen still maintains an active website devoted to quality new and old tools.

The catalogs are grouped in alphabetical order, by company name. When known, the catalogs from each company are listed in chronological order. When known, the date of publication is given in parentheses after the title.

ALL CATALOGS BEARING THE ROSE TOOLS WATERMARK ARE HOSTED WITH THE PERMISSION OF ROSE TOOLS. A huge thanks goes out to Mark Stansbury of for doing the heavy work in saving these catalogs, and to Donna Rose for making the scans available.

Mark has also taken the time to amass and post an impressive collection of catalogs and tool related scans over at Internet Archive. It's truly an impressive resource.

Catalogs submitted by readers are marked with an asterisk (*). If anyone has scanned catalogs that they would like hosted, please contact me. I have been helped immensely in the past by having access to online resources, and would like to pass on what I can.

The American Axe & Tool Company

American Emery Wheel Works

American Swiss File & Tool Company

E.C. Atkins


C. L. Berger & Sons

Black & Decker

C. L. Berger & Sons


The Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corp.

Buck & Hickman, Ltd.

Canedy-Otto M'f'g Co.

Colwell Cooperage Co.


  • See entry for Sears, Roebuck and Co. below

Crescent Tool Co.

Eugene Dietzgen Co.


Eagle Square Manufacturing Co.


Great Neck Saw Manufacturers, Inc.

Greenlee Tool Co.

Hammacher, Schlemmer, & Co.

William Heck

Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.

Keen Kutter

  • Keen Kutter was a trademarked name originally used by the Simmons Hardware Company, and later by the Shapleigh Hardware Company. Because of the large sizes of the catalogs issued by these companies, they are listed separately on a dedicated Keen Kutter page.

The Ken Tool Manufacturing Company

The Lufkin Rule Co.


The Marugg Company

Richard Melhuish, Ltd.

Millers Falls

North Bros.

PEXTO (The Peck, Stow & Wilcox Company)

Red Devil Tools

Richards-Wilcox Manufacturing Company

W. Rose & Bros.


Sears, Roebuck and Co.

  • Because there are 32 Sears catalogs in the archives, they are listed on a separate page.

Shapleigh Hardware Company

  • When Shapleigh bought the Simmons Hardware Company, they also acquired the wide-ranging Keen Kutter brand. Because of the large size of this catalog, they are listed separately on a dedicated Keen Kutter page.

Simmons Hardware Company

  • Simmons is better known by their trademarked Keen Kutter line. Because of the large size of their catalogs, they are listed separately on a dedicated Keen Kutter page.

S-K Tools

Skilsaw, Inc.


L. S. Starrett

Chas. H. Stehling Co.

The James Swan Co.

Thor Power Tool Company

The L.&I.J. White Co.

Warren Axe & Tool Co.

J. H. Williams & Co.


Woodings-Verona Tool Works