Care & Maintenance

Keeping the saw plate well-waxed (I use Jonson's paste wax) will help keep your saw plate free of rust and greatly reduce friction and binding in the cut.

With changes in humidity, the saw nuts on your saw may loosen. To keep the handle fixed tightly to the saw plate, snug the nuts with a split nut driver.

Although each saw leaves my shop sticky-sharp, it will need to be resharpened when it begins to dull. If you would like to try your hand at sharpening, but are new to it, I highly recommend reading the following articles before leaping off the cliff.

If you're not ready to try sharpening your own saw, I can resharpen it for you. Prices for resharpening begin at $22 (plus shipping) for saws that just need a touchup.

All saws are fully warranted for one year.