Welcome to Blackburn Tools

Important Notice to all Customers - PLEASE READ

To all of my loyal customers that patiently stood by me through this tough period, thank you - it's been a difficult time for everyone involved. I have plans in place to fix all the problems that are currently plaguing me, and have made recent moves to eliminate or reduce my backlog to what it was before the beginning of 2021 when I lost control of this situation.

Despite doing what I thought best for my customers and Blackburn at the time, hindsight tells me I should have taken steps earlier to keep the situation from reaching this point. Some of those decisions were wrong, and for that I apologize and can only say that I will do what is needed to correct the situation going forward.

Shortly before Christmas, I made significant investments in used equipment that will greatly increase my blade making productivity. While these machines hold great promise, it will take a significant investment in time to refurbish and modify them to suit my production environment. Given the nebulous nature of the timeline for bringing these machines online and then catching up, I'd like to offer a few options as a sign of goodwill:

Please know that your patience and support has been instrumental in keeping Blackburn alive through the surges in material costs, supplier closings, and other business and personal life events that were beyond my control throughout the last few years. These supply chain issues and other life events affect small and individual makers like myself far more dramatically than can be explained here.

I promise to do everything within my power to correct these issues of the past. My immediate goal is to marshall all available resources to fulfill past orders, then return to providing the highest quality parts and service that you've come to expect in a more timely manner. We've been through a lot together, and it will only get better from here.

For ALL customers with pending orders, please take a moment to email [email protected] with your selection of option 1, 2, or 3. Please include the email address you placed the order with so I can look up your order. I look forward to hearing from you.

Isaac Smith