A reader came through in a big way…

After checking on its progress several times each day, these highly anticipated boxes showed up on my doorstop late this week. How the UPS driver managed to sneak 80 pounds onto my porch (where it sat for at least 45 minutes!) despite my vigilant watch still baffles me.

The highly anticipated packages.

The highly anticipated packages.

The tension mounts...

The tension mounts…


After a promising lead on a Burr toother on Craigslist fell through, I posted here in hopes of bringing one to light. Given their scarcity, it was a move of desperation with little hope of any results.

To my surprise, and delight, a reader emailed with an offer to sell me his machine. The only obstacle was international shipping, but a few quotes showed that this was a feasible proposition. The seller really went above and beyond any expectations I had in his speed and care in shipping. Less than a week later, I was opening the crate.

...until I finally get my first glimpse of my new toother, unharmed.

…until I finally get my first glimpse of my new toother, unharmed.


While the machine arrived in good condition (thanks again for that stellar crating job!), it does need some work before I am ready to start punching teeth. Nothing that is unexpected, but modifications that will make it more efficient to use. Check in later for updates…

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4 Responses to A reader came through in a big way…

  1. Very excited for you sir. Can’t wait to hear the details. On a side note, I thought of you recently. I’m developing an addiction for panel saws and a couple of weeks ago, I bought a Disston No. 12 filed crosscut on eBay. OMG! It’s the sweetest saw I’ve ever used. It was made in the 1890s and the craftsman ship is unbelievable. That’s what made me think of you.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Charlie. I am very eager to get this up and running. I’ll try to post some of the details when I get the time. While I work on that, I am trying to get everything lined up to begin selling kits. This toother will be a pig part of letting me do that…

    The Disstons from that era (and earlier) sure are beautiful. And when they’re sharp they really do sing.

  3. Gavin says:

    Out of interest, what is special about the Burr toother?
    How is it different from a Foley?

    • admin says:

      I have seen, but never used, the Foley toothers. The Burr looks a little more robust and easier to adjust.

      Mainly, however, I like tools that are a little different and uncommon. This little one was just too cute to resist.

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