An interesting miter box – updated

About a week ago I posted some pictures of this miter box, along with a request for any information about it.

Union No. 2 miter box - picture 1.

Union No. 2 miter box – picture 1.


A big thanks to Jeff Burks (frequent contributor to the Lost Art Press blog and the man who may know more about US hand tool patents than anyone else alive) for finding the patent document that the miter box was based on. That patent is No. 847,557, issued on March 19, 1907 to Peter Dosch.

Among the thousands of patents pertaining to saws that Jeff has assembled is a volume that is devoted solely to miter boxes. This searchable pdf (more that 2,800 pages of scanned documents) is his attempt to catalog all known US patents pertaining to hand-powered miter boxes.

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