CRAFTS of NJ Picnic update

I have been told that a bridge on one of the approaches to the Picnic site may be closed for construction. The map below shows some alternate routes.



It’s shaping up to be a beautiful fall day, so I hope to see some of you there!

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One Response to CRAFTS of NJ Picnic update

  1. saw elf #1 says:

    The CRAFTS picnic was awesome!!!!Naturally, Cuckoo for Cookies was there with some lemon bars and oatmeal raisin cookies. Saw elf #2 and I played on a tight-wire, climbed a rock wall, and had fun on a giant seesaw. I admit saw elf #2 and I ate one or two cookies. OK, we ate a lot of cookies. We met a friend that enjoyed playing with us. Unfortunately he had to go in the middle of the show.)-: Did I mention? His dad made me a beautiful bow.
    Thumbs up on the macaroni salad, guys.(-:

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