Saw sharpening – an upcoming series

With a snow storm dumping about ten inches of snow on us today (the forecasters finally got one right!), I stayed home today to catch up on a few things. One of those is a series on saw sharpening, which I have wanted to do for some time now. I have been working on it in small bursts here and there, and while it is not yet nearly complete, it is time to finally start posting some of the material.

Over the coming year, the series will cover the equipment and tools needed, then delve into various aspects of sharpening. I will show how I do things in my shop, but also try to present other options and opinions.

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2 Responses to Saw sharpening – an upcoming series

  1. Julio Alonso says:

    Hello Mr Smith.

    That is a great new. I am excited to seeing it, I will look forward to follow it since I am susbcribe to your blog long time ago.
    So I have to thank you very much this posts.

    All my best,


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