Website updates

I apologize to those of you who were unable to access my website last night and this morning.  I rewrote some of the code, which necessitated reloading the entire site, a process that took longer than I anticipated.

When I took this website public about a year ago, it was intended mainly as a means of selling off some of the old woodworking tools I had accumulated over the years.  Over the last year, the focus has gradually shifted to my new tool business.  This has necessitated numerous changes to the website, most of which were additions to the content and improvements in layout and navigation.

The most recent update included the addition of photo galleries to my saw description pages, as well as the debut of this blog.  There is also a new page for saws that are ready to ship immediately.  These are limited in number, but can be a good way to get one quickly.

If you come across any typographical or factual errors, broken links, or other errors, please drop me a note.  I do my best to proofread everything, but mistakes always seem to slip through.

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