Price increase for apple & walnut crotch saw handles

When I began making saws I had access to a small stash of walnut crotch and apple from a local sawyer.  Now, a year into this venture, I have worked through that supply and need to develop new and additional sources for those woods.

Unfortunately, the market prices for a reliable supply of these woods are higher than what I paid for those first boards.  To cover these increased costs, I must raise the prices for walnut crotch and apple handles.

The new cost for apple is $23; walnut crotch now costs $55. The cost for other handle wood options are unchanged.

Any orders placed before this announcement will, of course, be fulfilled at the old pricing.

Finally, I ask for your patience if you have placed an order for a walnut crotch handle, as there may be some delays while I sort out the new supply.

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