South Bend lathe milling attachment – Part I

I bought a South Bend Model A lathe late last summer.  It is a wonderful tool that has greatly increased my capabilities, allowing me to make, among other things, my own saw bolts/nuts and saw filing guides.

Although this lathe brought me one step closer to my goal of being able to make all of my own parts in-house, I still want to mill my own slots for the spines.  As much as I would love to own a Bridgeport or other full-sized mill, space and other constraints simply make that impossible at this time.

A few months ago, my friend and machinist mentor John brought up the idea of building a milling attachment for the South Bend lathe.  After much discussion, sketching, and research, we came up with what looks like a working idea.

The attachment shown in the SketchUp model below mounts permanently to the lathe bed.  The spindle is mounted on an old machinist vise for vertical/height adjustment, and uses the lathe carriage and cross feed for travel in the X and Y directions.  It will have 18 inches of travel in the X direction, allowing me to mill spines for saws up to 18 inches long.

The spindle will be driven by a variable speed DC motor mounted behind the lathe.  Power is transmitted by a flat leather belt.

Now all that remains is to turn this idea into a working reality.  With a little luck, it will work out as hoped and planned.  If I fall flat on my face with this, then  back to the drawing board I go…

Front view of milling attachment.

Front view of milling attachment.

Side view of milling attachment.

Side view of milling attachment.


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