Wanted to buy: Burr saw toother / retoother

I really, really, want a Burr toother / retoother. If anyone has a lead on one that may be for sale, I would love to hear about it. Rust is ok, so long as the die does not have large chips.

The carrier bars and ratchets would be a bonus, but I can fabricate them if they are missing.

Does not need to have a motor, and I am willing to pay for shipping.

For reference, here is a picture of one.

Burr Mfg. Co saw toother / retoother (the handles that hold the table in place are missing on this one).

Burr Mfg. Co saw toother / retoother (the handles that hold the table in place are missing on this one).


If you know of an available one, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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7 Responses to Wanted to buy: Burr saw toother / retoother

  1. Sean says:

    not a “burr” but someone was selling a Foley in the DC metro craigslist just the other day.

  2. Kermit says:


    I have a foley myself, and may have some burr bars but am not sure what they look like.

    • Isaac says:

      To see what the bars look like, take a look at this post. Movies 2 and 3 show the old bars, while some of the pictures show the new bars I had made. The new ones are very similar to the old.

  3. Manny says:

    Have burr toother for sale

  4. John King says:

    I have a Burr pretty good condition, not many extras.

  5. Brent Parkin says:

    Well a reply to a really old post here. What made the Burr so desirable to you? I have two Foley machines myself and they work fine. But a friend of mine is selling his Dad’s sharpening equipment and they have a Burr machine and 4 ratchet bars. Does it have some advantages over a Foley?

    Just trying to give my friend an idea of what to do with the stuff from his Dads shop.

    Thanks for any insights,

    Brent Parkin
    Regina, SK

    • Isaac says:


      Mostly I just like to find and use machines that are a little more on the uncommon side. I’ve never owned a Foley retoother, but have not heard anything bad about them. I assume they and the Burrs are about the same in terms of build quality.

      One advantage that the Burr has is in the punch and die. I can use both ends of the die, and the end of the punch is ground in a triangle so that all three corners can be used. That lets me go longer between sharpenings, as I can just rotate the punch 60 degrees to use a fresh corner.

      On the downside, parts and ratchet bars are going to be more difficult to find for the Burr. I did have some bars made for my machine, so that can be worked around.


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