YouTube videos from Wood by Wright – building a rebate-saw plane and Roubo frame saw

A little over a month ago, James Wright ordered a rebate saw-plane fence kit and Roubo frame saw kit from me. At the time, I had not heard of him, so it was a pleasant surprise when I learned that he was featuring their construction in two videos on his YouTube channel, Wood by Wright.

While waiting for those videos to come out, I had time to watch some of his work. James is dedicated to working wood entirely with hand tools, and does a great job of sharing what goes on in his shop. His natural and pleasant screen presence make for a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience. As someone who dabbles in the blogging world, I keenly appreciate the dedication and discipline it takes to put those videos out on a regular schedule. Here’s hoping that he keeps it up for a long time to come and gains followers with whom to share the craft.

For viewing convenience, I have embedded the YouTube videos for the rebate saw-plane build and Roubo frame saw build below. Once you’re done watching these, I highly recommend visiting the Wood by Wright YouTube channel to view even more of his videos – you will enjoy them.




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4 Responses to YouTube videos from Wood by Wright – building a rebate-saw plane and Roubo frame saw

  1. Larry Jackson says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the accolades that James has given your product. Ever since I built my kit, re-sawing has never been the same. I lose almost zero stock thickness when finish planing my book-matches, due to the plumbness, depth and smoothness of the cut the saw makes. My re-saw blade just refuses to wander from the kerf that it leaves. Unlike James, I decided to incorporate the traditional, toted plow plane type body, the plans for which you have posted in PDF for download from your site, and I’m very happy with its appearance, control and feel in the hands. This kit is a must for anyone who does any amount of book-matching. Your Roubo frame saw kit is gradually making its way up on my “to do” list. Larry Jackson

    • Isaac says:

      Thank you for the very encouraging words, Larry! Feedback from customers like you is part of what makes my job so rewarding.


  2. ronald bracy says:

    can you cut curves with the roubo saw?

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